Very Interesting Project!

Mar 31, 2011 at 7:47 AM

Hello,  I think this project is very interesting, i had looking for a 'Apps Container Server' long time,  the most important features as i want are:

       1,  Log service;

       2,  Exception Handling;

       3, Data Compression


 and for the business application,  we also need:

        4, Entity Framework Context management

        5, Transaction Handling;

        6, Pageing, Memcache


 the above components should be very useful in most situation. if we make these components work under 'Wcf App Server', that will make the development life time great shortly.

we just need to concern every bussiness domain logic, write the bussiness logic code, that will be a Perfect server side :)

i am not sure i had the same understand and expectation with the owner of Tranquility.NET. 

looking forward to hear the author tell us what is his plan for this project, i hope i can join into develop this project, if i could.